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This article applies to selling in: Saudi Arabia

Tax Interview Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to provide you with my tax information?

Amazon requires all payees to provide tax information to comply with its obligations under tax laws and regulations. Please answer all questions and provide all information requested during the Tax Interview. Use caution to avoid misspellings, which can invalidate your tax interview and cause delays in processing your payments.

You can hover over the i icon to assist in answering general questions while you are taking the interview. If you have more specific questions regarding any information requested in the Tax Interview, please consult your tax advisor.

What documents do I need to provide as part of the Tax Interview?

In order to sell on you must be a tax resident either in Saudi Arabia or in another country. Therefore, you will be requested to provide one of the following as part of the Tax Interview:

  • Valid Saudi Arabian taxpayer identification number
  • Valid Tax Residency certificate (TRC) issued by the relevant tax authorities in your country of residence when requested. Each country’s TRC has a different format and may contain different information.

A TRC typically contains:

  1. Name of the country providing the TRC
  2. Name of the taxpayer
  3. Year(s) to which the TRC applies
If you need a TRC, please obtain it from your local tax authorities and make sure your TRC is available when taking the Tax Interview. A PDF copy of your TRC is acceptable.

How do I update my tax information?

If you need to update your tax information, you can retake the Tax Interview. Please keep in mind that retaking the Tax Interview will only update your information for tax purposes. If you would like to change/update the details on your Amazon business portal, please follow the instructions for that respective business portal.

I have provided my tax information through the Tax Interview. How long will it take to see if it is valid?

After you provide your tax information, it can take up to 5 days to validate your information from the day we receive all applicable documentation. If we find your information to be invalid, we will send you an email with instructions on how to proceed.

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