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Amazon’s Policy on Car Seat Heating Pads in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Important: If you supply products for sale on Amazon, you must comply with all local laws and Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings.

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  • What is a car seat heating pad (CSHP)?
  • Examples of product types
  • What is Amazon’s policy on selling car seat heating pad?
  • How do I request product removal from Amazon fulfillment centers?
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What is a car seat heating pad?

A car seat heating pad is a cushioned pad comprised of a heating element powered by connection to a vehicle DC jack. CSHPs vary in size, but most line both the back and seat areas, while some consist of only a flat cushioned pad heating the bottom seat area.

Examples of car seat heating pad

What is Amazon’s policy on selling car seat heating pads?

Amazon does not allow the listing and sale of car seat heating pads. Amazon reserves the right to take any further actions that are necessary and to make judgements in its sole discretion about whether or not a listing is appropriate.

How do I request removal of my products from Amazon fulfillment centers?

If you do not appeal the suppression on your ASINs or your appeal is unsuccessful, you have 30 days to create removal orders on your products from our fulfillment centers from the day you receive the suppression notification, after which Amazon may dispose of your products. Visit the following Help pages for more information:

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