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SAFE-T Policy Key Terms and Conditions

This help page covers the SAFE-T Policy reimbursement guidelines and the key terms and conditions.

  1. All SAFE-T claims should be filed within 7 calendar days from the date the shipment was marked as ‘returned/delivered to seller’ in Seller Central.
  2. All appeals on resolved SAFE-T claims should be made within 5 business days from the last resolution date. Any appeal filed after 5 business days will not be actioned upon.
  3. Any customer return shipment for which refund has been issued to buyer but shipment is not returned to seller will be reimbursed proactively as per Amazon Self Ship Lost and Damaged Shipments Reimbursement Policy.
  4. The timelines set out above are applicable only for shipments where Amazon is responsible for the return/reverse logistics. In the rare case that you have an Amazon Easy Ship order where the customer used a ‘self-ship return’ (not with our partnered courier), a SAFE-T claim must be filed at least 30 days from, but not later than 60 days from, the return request date.
  5. All SAFE-T claims must be initiated within 60 days of the last scan or event from the carrier – requests initiated beyond this point will not be considered for reimbursement.
  6. For orders where reimbursements are issued proactively, Amazon reserves the right to clawback the reimbursement(s) issued if the package(s) were later found to be successfully delivered.
  7. Reimbursement for undeliverable lost products will be one-hundred percent (100%) of the item value minus applicable the Amazon Easy Ship fees as set out in the Amazon Easy Ship Fee Policy.
  8. All requests related to lost items should be filed no sooner than fifteen (15) days from the date the shipment was marked as ‘picked up’ to allow sufficient time for the package to be delivered.
  9. For products marked as damaged by the carrier, reimbursement will be forty percent (40%), minus applicable the Amazon Easy Ship fees as set out in the Amazon Easy Ship Fee Policy.
  10. Sellers are required to sufficiently package the customer ordered products to avoid any transport damage. Amazon will not be liable to compensate the seller under SAFE-T policy for the shipments damaged during the onward or return transit if the damage occurred on account of poor or insufficient packaging. Please refer to the mandatory Packaging and labeling requirements for packages to be shipped using the Amazon Easy Ship service.
  11. From time to time, Amazon may require adherence to specific requirements (such as use of specific packaging to avoid product tampering) in order to optimize the program for sellers and avoid in-transit losses, and adherence to other seller policies. SAFE-T Claims are available for sellers only as long as sellers adhere to the guidelines and specific requirements applicable to the use of the Amazon Easy Ship service or as otherwise specified by Amazon (including but not limited to in policies and program terms provided on the Program Policies page, including those policies referenced in the links).
  12. In certain cases where an item is declared as “Undeliverable” by Amazon/Logistic Service Provider (LSP), we may proactively reimburse you on a periodic basis for the value of the Easy Ship shipment fees charged for the provision of services according to the Amazon Easy Ship Terms and Conditions. You may not request reimbursement separately for such cases.
  13. Amazon will not reimburse you for returned shipments, if an attempt was made to deliver the shipment within 15 days from the return pick-up or the reject/undeliverable date but the delivery could not be completed because you were not available or refused to accept the shipment.
  14. Amazon reserves the right to change and/or amend the terms of the SAFE-T policy in accordance with section 15 of the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement at its sole discretion, without any prior notice to sellers and the seller shall be responsible for reviewing these changes and informing itself of all such applicable changes.
  15. Amazon reserves the right to deny any SAFE-T claim filed on orders where the seller refused to accept the shipment from the delivery agent while attempting to return the shipment to seller.
  16. All decisions pertaining to SAFE-T Claims shall be undertaken by Amazon as per its sole discretion and as per the program policies, wherein such decision shall be final and binding on the seller. Unless stated otherwise, once SAFE-T claim(s) is processed and/or settled by Amazon, the Sellers will not be able to re-open such claims and the same shall constitute as the full and final settlement for such SAFE-T claims. In the event a seller files an appeal against a decision taken by Amazon for the SAFE-T claim, the decision of Amazon in the appeal and any payment thereto (if any) will constitute full and final payment and settlement from Amazon for such SAFE-T claim.
  17. At any point in time, if a seller is found to have filed a fraudulent claim or is found to be abusing or misusing the SAFE-T policy in any form or manner, Amazon may take appropriate action against the [seller], which may in Amazon’s sole discretion include:
    • Recovery of already reimbursed amount.
    • Blocking of the SAFE-T feature for an indefinite period in cases of identified fraudulent cases/ patterns.
  18. Amazon may take any or all such action against the seller under the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement and/or as may be permitted under applicable laws, including but not limited to suspending/blocking the seller from selling on
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