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Seller information displayed to buyers

The seller information you provide to Amazon appears in the Seller Information page, as shown in the table below:

Field Name Required Information
Display Name The name displayed to buyers for your Amazon listings and on your Seller Profile
Contact Seller Buyers are provided a link to contact you through the Buyer-Seller Messaging Platform
Storefront Link Optional. You can enter a final string to create a "friendly" URL to your Amazon Storefront.
Returns & Refunds and Shipping policies Tabs where you may enter additional information about you returns/refunds policy and your shipping for customers to learn more

You can change the seller information displayed to buyers in your seller account at any time by completing the following steps:

  1. On the Settings menu, click Account Info.
  2. On the Seller Account Information page, click Your Seller Profile. .The editing page appears, displaying your current information for each Amazon marketplace for you to edit.
  3. When you've finished with the previous steps, click Submit at the bottom of the page.

Provide information about your business

When you register your Amazon seller account, you are required to provide information about your business.

You can add or change this information at any time by following these steps:

  1. In Seller Central, go to the seller Account Information page.
  2. In the Business Information section, click the links for the information you want to add or change.
  3. Enter the new information or edit the current one.
  4. When you have finished, click Submit.

The business information you provide to Amazon appears in the different sections of the Seller Account Information page, as shown in the table below.

Seller Account Information Field name Required Information

Legal Business Designation Indicates whether the account is being operated as an individual seller or as a business organization.
Place of establishment information Seller of record This information is taken from your place of establishment address and, if provided, your VAT registration number.

Legal name For companies, the name your business is registered under; for individuals, your name.

Place of establishment address This is the permanent business location where your business conducts its operations; it should be associated with your VAT registration number and appear on VAT invoices issued to you.

VAT registration number, if applicable Your VAT registration number is an alphanumeric string (no spaces, dashes or other symbols). It should be associated with the legal name of your business and your place of establishment address.
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