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This article applies to selling in: Saudi Arabia

How to respond to a SAFE-T Claim

You can view updates on your claim on the Manage SAFE-T Claims page, which highlights the claims that need your response. Click View message to open the SAFE-T Communication Center where you can read and respond to the message.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for the claim status to be updated in the Manage SAFE-T Claims page, after you reply.

How will I know if I have a message from

The navigation menu on the Manage SAFE-T Claims page has different tabs depending on the claim status (Awaiting Seller Response, Resolved and Under Investigation). Under the respective tabs, the claims with a status change or those requiring a response will be highlighted. You will also receive an email notification whenever the status of a claim changes. However, it will be a no-reply email and will contain a link to direct you to the respective claim in the SAFE-T Communication Center.

How will I know the date and time limit by when I need to respond or appeal?

The SAFE-T Communication Center will indicate “Reply by <Date> <Time>” against each claim. For resolved claims, the timeline to respond will be indicated by “Appeal by <Date> <Time>” against each claim.

How can I appeal a resolved claim?

You can appeal a resolved claim (Grant or No-Grant) via the SAFE-T Communication Center, using the reply option available against all resolved claims.

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