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Use Add a Product to create variations

Add a Product offers the option to create variations. For more information, see Create parent-child variation relationships. You may also want to review the help information for the Add a Product feature.

To learn how to create variations using parent-child product relationships for Fashion products, please watch the Seller University video (coming soon)

Before you create a product variation listing, check whether this variation of the product is already in the Amazon catalog:

  • If the variation exists and corresponds to the item you want to list, you can click Sell Yours instead of creating a variation.
  • If the variation does not exist, follow the procedure below to create a variation using the Add a Product tool.

You can also view existing child ASINs for parent ASINs in the Amazon catalog on the Add a Product page in your seller account.

  1. From the Inventory drop-down menu, select Add a Product.
  2. Click Create a new product listing.
  3. Browse for a product category, selecting increasingly narrow categories, and click Select.
  4. On the Vital Info tab, complete the required fields (marked with a red asterisk *), and then select a theme from the Variation Theme drop-down list. After selecting the variation theme, go to the Variations tab. Once you have created a product with a selected variation theme, you will not be able to change it.
  5. Select a theme from the Variation Theme drop-down list. Select the most inclusive variation theme that you think you’ll need. Once you have created a product with a selected variation theme, you will not be able to change it.
    Note: A Variations tab will open after you select a Variation Theme. The Variation Theme drop-down list and Variations tab will appear only if you are selling in a product category that supports variations. Check your inventory file template to view the product categories that support variations.
  6. On the Variations tab, add variations of the product you want to sell (for example, color and size).
    • To add more than one option for the variation, click Add another.
    • To delete a variation, click the X to the right of the option you want to delete.
    Note: Even if you are not ready to sell certain variation combinations, you should add all the possible variations now. This will make it easier to manage the displayed products and quantity available to sell.
  7. When you are finished adding possible variations, click Add variations.
    • A Variations Matrix appears, allowing you to add more detail for each variation combination.
    • A product identifier (EAN or UPC) is required for each variation.
    • While not required, a seller SKU will be automatically generated for you if you do not add one.
  8. On the Offer tab, enter offer information (for example, handling time and delivery method) for your product. This information will be copied automatically to each variation that you create. You can modify the offer information, as needed, for each variation.
  9. On the remaining tabs, add offer information, images, a product description, keywords, and product attributes. This information will appear in all variations of the product you want to sell. You can edit product information at any time on the Manage Inventory page.
  10. When you are finished adding your product and its variations, click Save and finish.
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