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Pending Orders

On the Manage Orders page, an order with a status of Pending might indicate an issue with the buyer's payment method. In some cases, our payment and order detail verification processes can potentially extend order processing times for as long as 21 days.

Go to the Manage Orders page to view your orders. From your seller account, click Orders, and then click Manage Orders.

For more information, see Manage your orders.

  • For any given order, you won't be able to schedule pickup and print shipping labels (if you use Amazon Easy Ship ) or confirm shipment (if you use self-ship rather than Amazon Easy Ship) until the order status changes from Pending to Unshipped. If you don't ship the order within 5 days of the order’s estimated shipment date, Amazon will cancel the order and you won't be paid, even if you shipped the order. You may also incur a cancellation fee.

How to identify a Pending status order

When an order is in Pending status, it is shown under the ‘Pending’ tab in the Manage Orders page. Its order status also is shown as ‘Pending.’ You can't cancel or confirm an order while it is in Pending status. Pending orders also won't appear in either your Order report or Unshipped Orders Report. However, your inventory will be updated to reflect the order.

Why is an order pending?

  • Amazon has been unable to obtain authorization for the buyer's credit card.
  • For an FBA order, the buyer has qualified for free shipping and the order is waiting for all of the order items to be gathered.
  • For an FBA order, the order will still show Pending status if it is for multiple items but one item is out of stock, even if Amazon chooses to split the order and send the in-stock items.

What should I do with a Pending status order?

Don't ship an order while in Pending status, even if the buyer contacts you directly. If a buyer contacts you while an order is in Pending status (for example, to cancel a pending order), refer them to Amazon Customer Service for more information.

To initiate communication, see Contact a buyer.

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