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Search Orders

In the Manage Orders tool, you will see tabs for order status: ‘Pending,’ ‘Unshipped,’ ‘Cancelled,’ and ‘Sent’ orders (the last category includes Amazon Easy Ship orders waiting for pickup). Within each, you can search for orders using the search box towards the top-right of the screen based on the following factors:

Tracking ID Carrier's tracking ID for the package.

Amazon Standard Identification Number.

Identifies a product in our catalog.

Listing ID Amazon-derived value for identifying a listing.

Stock keeping unit.

Your product identifier.

Order ID Unique Amazon-created identifier for an order.
Product Name The title you created for your product.
Fulfilled By Fulfilment method, either Amazon-fulfilled (FBA) or seller-fulfilled. You may see a link to ‘View FBA orders,’ which takes you to a separate page.
Date Range

Above the table of orders you will see a dropdown to filter by selected ranges of days.

Note: Orders remain available on the Manage Orders page for up to 365 days. If you need older order information, contact Seller Support
Shipment status Primarily for Amazon Easy Ship orders; this may include Damaged in Transit, Delivered to Buyer, Label Cancelled, Lost in Transit, Out for Delivery, Waiting for Pickup, Picked Up, Rejected by Buyer, Undeliverable, Returned to Seller
Payment method If the order is paid by Cash on delivery
Ship by date The date you need to ship the order to meet the promised delivery date to the customer


Find orders using the Search capabilities in a few different ways:

  1. Within a specific tab (e.g., Unshipped), apply specific refinements that will filter the results in the table of orders.
  2. Within a specific tab (e.g., Unshipped), use one of the ‘quick filters’ that we have set up for you.
  3. Use the search box in the top right above the table of orders to choose order ID, ASIN, SKU, buyer email, etc., enter your specific criteria, and click on ‘Search’ to see relevant results.
Important: Order IDs must be entered in the format 000-1234567-1234567. Otherwise you will receive an "Order ID not found" error message.

Default search settings

The default search setting is all unshipped orders placed in the last seven days. You can create and save your own search filters, so that every time you return to the page, you can filter the results accordingly.

To save, remove or replace a default search setting, follow the corresponding instructions:

Save To save a search that you want to use regularly, click Save as quick filter, above the left-hand ‘Refine by’ column.
Remove To remove a saved search, click on Clear all filters. The default will return to all unshipped orders placed in the last seven days.
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