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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of enrolling in Seller Fulfilled Prime?

The Seller Fulfilled Prime program allows you to display the Prime badge on your Amazon Easy Ship products, if you maintain the program's performance thresholds. This allows you to offer the Prime experience to customers from your own facility at no additional cost. We anticipate that this will generate additional sales opportunities as your products have a higher chance of being discovered during customer searches, and offer free delivery to Prime members.

How is Seller Fulfilled Prime different from Amazon Easy Ship Guaranteed Delivery?

If you are enrolled in the Amazon Easy Ship Guaranteed Delivery program, you can charge a shipping fee for One-Day and Two-Day Delivery orders to Prime and non-Prime customers. There is no customer-facing badge associated with this program. If you enroll in Seller Fulfilled Prime, you can offer free One-Day and Two-Day Delivery to Prime members. There is a customer-facing Prime badge associated with this program. Only sellers and their offers or ASINs that are enrolled in Amazon Easy Ship Guaranteed Delivery are considered for Seller Fulfilled Prime.

How do I identify Prime orders in my Seller Central panel?

The Prime badge is displayed beside the order ID on the Manage orders page, in the order details, on the Schedule pickup page, and by using the is Prime filter in the New Orders report that is in Order reports.

Why is the Prime badge missing from my offers?

Only Prime customers can see the Prime badge on the offer detail page. Make sure you are using a Prime-enabled customer account to view the offers.

You must meet the following account or offer-level requirements for the Prime badge to be displayed:

  1. Your account must be enrolled in the Amazon Easy Ship Guaranteed Delivery program. To verify, go to Amazon Easy Ship configuration.
    Note: If you are enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime, you will not be able to change your enrollment in Amazon Easy Ship Guaranteed Delivery. In order to switch Amazon Easy Ship Guaranteed Delivery on or off, you must first switch off Prime.
  2. Your account must be enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime. Click here to verify.
  3. Make sure you have not disabled Prime through the Control Prime order volume option. Click here to verify.
  4. The dimensions and weight of the item package of the offer must be compliant to Amazon Easy Ship. For more information, go to Amazon Easy Ship product restrictions.
  5. Ensure that you have not restricted the SKUs from the Amazon Guaranteed Delivery program.

If the badge is still not displayed, contact us.

How can I track my current late dispatch rate and cancellation rate on Seller Fulfilled Prime?

You can use the Program Eligibility Scorecard widget to track your current performance on Prime orders. You can also download the list of impacted orders and plan corrective measure accordingly.

Why do I see multiple entries for the same order in reports that I download using the Program Eligibility Scorecard widget?

The downloadable report is currently item-correlated, which means that if an order has more than one ASIN in it, you will see separate entries for the orders of each ASIN. This is to track whether all items under an order were shipped or not. For your overall performance, is still counted as a single order that was either shipped late or canceled.

How can I set the date range in the Program Eligibility Scorecard, to view defects related to a specific period?

The graph has in-built filters for 7 days and 30 days. If you are looking for a specific duration, you can use the Custom date range option. The widget will then update the graph with Total orders, Cancellation rate, and Late dispatch rate accordingly.

Can I download reports for a custom date range in the Program Eligibility Scorecard?

This functionality is currently not available. You can download data for the past 7 days, 15 days, or 30 days.

What is the “Exemptions applied” section that is displayed at the bottom of the Program Eligibility Scorecard?

All orders that are affected by an external exceptional event (such as heavy rains and flooding) or Amazon-controlled technical issues, are exempted from affecting your overall account performance. When exemptions are applied on them, they appear under the Exemptions applied section at the bottom of the widget page. These orders are not counted under the late shipment rate, or the cancellation rate, but will continue to be part of the total orders that are used to calculate the late delivery rate and cancellation rate.

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