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Reimbursement policy for undelivered and customer rejected shipments

Amazon will reimburse the ‘Easy Ship shipping fee’ for units delivered through Amazon Easy Ship program in certain cases of undeliverable or customer rejected shipments. See the table below for the specific scenarios in which you may be eligible for a reimbursement of this fee type.

Sl No. Reason codes for undeliverable Eligible for reimbursement?
1 Delivery attempted, Holiday/Business Closed Yes
2 Delivery attempted, Recipient can not be contacted Yes
3 Address Issue - out of coverage or wrong address Yes
4 Delivery attempted, address issue Yes
5 Undeliverable Yes
6 Shipment/Product Damaged Yes
7 Shipments held at carrier location for pick up Yes
8 Delivery attempted, second attempt Yes
9 Customer rejected order through website No
10 Customer rejected order through delivery agent No
11 Customer requested reschedule No
12 Customer refused Delivery No
13 Delivery attempted, Recipient Not In No
14 Delivery attempted, payment not ready No
15 Address Issue – customer redirected to ‘out of coverage’ area No

The list above is not an exhaustive list and there may be other scenarios not related to undeliverable or customer rejected shipments that are not covered in the table above, in which the Amazon Easy Ship fee will not be reimbursed. One example is successful deliveries where the customer then chooses to return the item. The Amazon Easy Ship shipping fee is not reimbursed in this scenario because it is a fee for shipping services, which in this case are successfully provided (both the delivery from your location to the customer, and then the return delivery from the customer to you).

For reimbursements that are covered by the policy, you are eligible to receive fee reimbursements for this policy. Refer the schedule of reimbursement processing below. Amazon reserves the right to change the process and eligibility for Easy Ship fee reimbursement at any time. You may also be asked to take additional steps (e.g., provide additional information or follow an additional process) to receive reimbursement.

Order return date to Seller/FC Reimbursement Processing Date Example
1st - last day of the month On or before last day of the next month Order returned to seller/FC between 1st -31st May will be processed for reimbursement by 30th June

You can find such reimbursement (if any payable) under Payments > Reports section in your Seller Central account, as a single entry, with the description Non-subscription fee adjustment. The amount towards such reimbursement will be added to the disbursable balance of your Seller Central account for the current payment settlement cycle.

  • Reimbursement for eligible undelivered shipments in a month will be processed on or before last day of the next month and the same will be added to the disbursable balance of your Seller Central account for the current payment settlement cycle.
  • We will not reimburse claims for shipments returned in a particular month as undelivered and customer rejected beyond 45 days after that month. For example, we will not reimburse claims for shipments returned as undelivered and customer rejected in the month of May if the claim was raised after July 15.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is covered under this policy?

  • Products shipped using Amazon Easy Ship service
  • Units which are marked undeliverable, per the reason codes in the table above

Itemized details for all undelivered and rejected orders that are returned to you (in case of EasyShip orders) or fulfilment centre (in case of FBA orders) are reported with respective return reason in the Undelivered and Rejected Order Reimbursements Reports (more details on this report in the section below).

What is not covered under this policy?

This policy does not cover units that are undeliverables or customer rejects shipped through FBA. This policy also does not cover other fee types not mentioned above.

When will I receive the reimbursement as per the Undelivered and Customer Rejected shipment reimbursement policy?

You will receive fee reimbursements for this policy on or before the last day of the next month.

Which fees are eligible to be reimbursed?

This reimbursement policy covers the ‘Easy Ship shipping fee,’ which is charged by weight/dimensions for each order shipped through Amazon Easy Ship.

Will I receive notification of the reimbursement for undelivered and/or rejected shipments?

You will be notified of any reimbursement through your registered account email address. You can update the email address by going to: Seller Central >Settings > Account Info

What is the difference between undelivered and reject? Why am I not reimbursed for 100% of rejects?

Undeliverable are due to Amazon not being able to reach your customers with reasons like delivery attempted, ‘Recipient Not in,’ address issue, Delivery attempted on a holiday or after business closing hours, etc.

Rejects are cases where Amazon is able to reach the customer but the customer refuses to accept the unit upon delivery. Amazon does not currently offer a reimbursement of the Easy Ship fee in these cases, as the shipping services were successfully provided.

How will I find out if an order is a reject or undelivered?

The Undelivered and Rejected Order Reimbursements Report shared monthly provides itemized details for all Amazon Easy Ship orders which have been returned to the fulfilment centres/seller as undelivered and/or customer rejected.

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