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Amazon Easy Ship shipping settings

Using the Amazon Easy Ship shipping settings page

The settings explained below apply only to your Amazon Easy Ship fulfilled products. To determine which product are eligible for shipping, go to Product Restrictions.

Note: Note: The Shipping Settings page appears under Settings in Seller Central for those sellers who have permission to use this feature. Only the primary account holder (who initially registered with Amazon) can grant you permissions to use this feature. To request permission, click User Permissions page under Settings tab.

The Amazon Easy Ship shipping settings page

To view your shipping settings, go to Settings > Shipping Settings > Easy Ship tab.

On the Shipping Settings page, you can see the delivery charges that buyers may pay when buying your products on Amazon. You should enter the shipping charges that buyers will pay for your products. If you do not enter any rates, Amazon configures free shipping for your products by default.

The appropriate delivery charge for your products is shown automatically to the buyer when they shop on the site.

The buyers delivery charge is separate from any Easy Ship delivery fees that Amazon may charge you to deliver products from your location to the customer. This fees is calculated based on the weight and/or size of the package you ship. For more information, go to Amazon Easy Ship fees.

Editing your new Easy Ship shipping settings

To edit your shipping settings for Standard Delivery, go to Settings > Shipping Settings > Easy Ship tab and click edit next to Amazon Easy Ship Configuration section.

Note: Since Amazon Easy Ship fulfills this order, the shipping time and the regions are determined by Amazon and appropriately shown to the buyer. You cannot edit the shipping time and the shipping regions.

Configuring your shipping charges and rate models

You can use the following method for setting shipping charges:

Price-banded shipping

If you offer price-banded shipping, set shipping charges that vary by the product price range, such as SAR 0 to SAR 100.00, SAR 100.01 to SAR 500.00, SAR 500.01 and up.

For more information, go to Configure price-banded shipping.

Each price band can have its own rates. Amazon may impose a certain maximum delivery charge, to ensure a positive experience for buyers. Amazon will alert you if your proposed delivery charges are too high. When a buyer buys your products, Amazon reviews the total order amount, identifies the band for the total price and applies your shipping charge for the price band.

For more information, go to Frequently Asked Questions and Amazon Easy Ship shipping settings example.

Easy Ship pickup phone number validation

Easy Ship pickup phone number validation allows us to validate the phone number you provided to ensure you are reachable when Amazon courier is unable to locate your order collection location. After you enter a new phone number, a four digit OTP will be sent to that number when you click send. Enter the OTP to update your phone number.

How to validate your contact details

  1. Login to Seller Central and click Account Info under Settings tab.
  2. In the Shipping and Returns Information section, click Shipping Settings and check the Pickup Address.

  3. Select Pickup Address and click edit to enter your address.
  4. After entering the contact details, click Send. You will receive a four digit OTP to the new phone number you entered.

  5. Enter the four digit OTP in Verification code box and click Verify. Once done click Save.

On successful verification, you will be re-directed to the Amazon Easy Ship setting page with updated phone reflecting on the page.
  1. A maximum of nine digits can be entered after updating the country code.
  2. OTP is valid only for 60 seconds after which you need to click Resend for new OTP.
  3. After three unsuccessful attempts, reload the page before retrying.
  4. Ensure you enter active phone number for the verification process.
  5. Landline numbers cannot be added for pick up address contact details.
  6. The country code is auto-selected in the specific country code box. Do not repeat this when entering your phone number.

Landline numbers are no longer accepted for pickup address.

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