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Cancel Amazon Easy Ship pickups after they have been scheduled

We strongly recommend that you do not cancel an Amazon Easy Ship order after the pickup has been scheduled. Instead, you should proceed with preparing the package so it can be picked up and shipped to your customer.

If the customer has asked you to cancel the order after the pickup has been scheduled, please let them know that you are unable to do so, and they should instead return the item(s). Then, proceed with preparing the package for pick-up with the courier.

If there is an emergency reason you need to cancel an Amazon Easy Ship pickup, please follow the steps below.

  1. Once you have contacted us and the label/pickup is canceled, you will need to schedule pick up again. Make sure that you enter correct weight and dimensions. If you do not intend to schedule a new pick up, cancel the order at this time (but note that you may incur a cancelation charge).
  2. To schedule pickup again, go to the Manage Orders page and look for the order for which you have canceled the pick-up. It will show label canceled.
  3. Go through the regular Amazon Easy Ship ‘schedule pickup’ workflow and select the appropriate pickup date and slot.
  4. Click on the Schedule Pickup button.
  5. Reprint the label and paste it on the package.
  6. Keep your package ready before the start time of the slot. For example, if you have selected 10:00 a.m. as the new pickup slot, your packages should be ready by 9:45 a.m., and if you have selected 2:00 p.m. as the new pickup slot, your packages should be ready by 1:45 p.m.

In certain cases (e.g., the request is too late, or the courier does not support cancelation in your address) the process described above may not be an option. In that case, the pick-up will not be canceled. Remember that Amazon Easy Ship Standard orders get auto-canceled after Estimated Ship Date (ESD) + 5 days if they are not scheduled for pick-up or pick-up is scheduled but the item is not handed over to a pick-up associate. The customer will be notified, and you may be charged a fee in that case.

Note: Presently, you will not be able to modify the shipping label info after scheduling a pickup. In case the generated label has an error, you need to cancel the pickup and schedule the pick up again.
Note: If you have not yet scheduled the pickup for your Amazon Easy Ship order, then you can use the cancel order button and provide your reason. The order will be canceled, and the buyer will be notified.
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