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Order cancellations

If a buyer asks you to cancel an order and you have not yet shipped the order*, you can cancel it in Manage Orders or use an Order Cancelation feed.

When you cancel an order, Amazon automatically updates the order status in the buyer's Amazon account and sends an email notification to the buyer. Canceling an order that the buyer requests does not have an impact on your Cancelation Rate metric, nor will you be charged a cancelation fee (canceling an order for any other reason, not requested by the buyer, may incur a cancelation fee).

Note: *shipping the order refers to scheduling the package pickup if you use Amazon Easy Ship, or dispatching and confirming the shipment if you ‘self-ship’ your packages
  • If you have already scheduled the pickup with Amazon Easy Ship, or shipped and confirmed shipment if you do not use Amazon Easy Ship and ‘self-ship’ your orders, tell the buyer that the order is already on its way and ask them to return it to you for a refund once they receive it.
  • If you use Amazon Easy Ship and you have not yet scheduled a pickup for the order, do not use ‘schedule pickup.’ Instead, cancel the order.
  • If you do not use Amazon Easy Ship and instead ship orders yourself with a third-party courier, do not ‘confirm shipment.’ Instead, cancel the order

Both cancelations and returns are a normal part of most sales operations.

Amazon notifies the buyer upon shipment.

When you ship your package, we send the buyer an email notification with the delivery information. Do not contact the buyer with your own shipment verification.

Amazon credits earnings from the buyer's order to the seller.

After the order has shipped, your earnings are credited to your seller account to be disbursed to your bank account with your next settlement.

The buyer receives the order.

Amazon invites the buyer to provide feedback about the service provided by the seller. The buyer is also eligible to return the item, as per the relevant policies.

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