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How to determine Price Per Unit

Price Per Unit (PPU) refers to the price of a unit of the product. The definition of unit varies by product. For example, if you sell 2 kilograms of coffee for SAR 20, a PPU of SAR 10/kilogram will be displayed on the product detail page, as the measurement "unit" of the product is 1 kilogram of coffee. PPU is generated from the following product information that you provide to us: the product price, the product measurement in unit_count (the weight, volume, or count of units), and product unit of measure in unit_count_type (count, gram, kilogram, or milliliter).

Determining the correct unit of measure for "unit_count_type"

Item Packaging Unit of Measure Example
If the product has individually packaged, functional units, or units commonly sold by count, the unit of measure should always be the total count of functional units. count

Some examples of products that use count include: laundry pods, coffee pods, protein bars, nutrition bars, snack bars, wipes, pills, vitamins, tablets, tea bags, dry balls, makeup brushes, hair ties, face masks, trash bags, tissues, toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, plates, bandages, cups, diapers, lozenges, socks, pregnancy test kits, earplugs, false eyelashes, pillows.

If the product does not have individually packaged units and is a solid, semi-solid, powder, viscous substance, aerosol, or a mixture of solid and liquid, the unit of measure should always be the weight (kilogram or gram).
Note: When in doubt, check your product's image to determine which of the three options is appropriate for the product.
kilogram or gram

Some examples of products that use weight include: chocolate (solid), face cream (semi-solid), protein powder (powder), honey (viscous substance), cooking spray (aerosol).

If the product does not have individually packaged units and is a liquid, the unit of measure should always be milliliter. milliliter

Some examples of products that use volume include: juice, liquid detergent, soft drinks, liquid soap, liquid foundation (makeup).

Note: If the item is a multi-pack (pack of 2, pack of 4), the number of packs should be multiplied by the unit measurement of one pack to calculate the total product measurement the customer would receive. For example, the correct item size for laundry detergent, 1000 milliliters (Pack of 2) is 2000 milliliters (1000 milliliters x 2 units).

For bundles of dissimilar items (for example, a sample pack of 10 wipes, 2 makeup brushes, and 1 bottle of concealer, or a set of shampoo and conditioner), set unit_count_type to "count" and unit_count to "1".

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