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Long-Term Storage Fee report

This report provides itemized details of your most recent long-term storage fee charges to allow you to identify which of your products in Amazon fulfillment centers were charged the long-term storage fee and review the amounts charged.

This report includes product details, quantity, per-unit volume and the total amount for each SKU to which the long-term storage fee was applied. See the Long-Term Storage Charges report.

Note: The Long-Term Storage Charge report displays the LTSF charge details of the most recent Long Term Storage Charge cycle only. You may consider downloading a copy of this report and store it for reference.

LTSF is calculated based on the total volume in cubic feet of units that have been stored in Amazon fulfillment centers for six to 12 months or for more than 12 months.

For each SKU, the LTSF amount is calculated as:

Units in a fulfillment center for six to 12 months: (6-mo-long-term-storage-fee) = [(qty-charged-6-mo-long-term-storage-fee) x (per-unit-volume) x 10 SAR] + Taxes

Units in a fulfillment center for more than 12 months: (12-mo-long-term-storage-fee) = [(12-mo-qty-charged-long-term-storage-fee) x (per-unit-volume) x 20 SAR] + Taxes

To calculate total long-term storage fee charged across all inventory, download the report and add up the charges in the 12-mo-long-term-storage-fee column.

Field names

Online Header Download Header Description Example Value
Date snapshot-date Date the Long-Term Storage Fee was assessed. 2019-08-15
Merchant SKU sku Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are unique blocks of letters or numbers that identify your products. SKUs are assigned by you as the seller. AB-8675309
FNSKU fnsku Unique identifier assigned by Amazon to products stored in and fulfilled from an Amazon fulfillment center. X00000E5TX
ASIN asin Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are unique blocks of 10 letters or numbers that identify products. ASINs are assigned by Amazon. You can find the ASIN on the product detail page. B003ZYF3LO
Title product-name The title of your product. Toysmith Non-stick Bakeware Set
Condition condition The condition of your product. New or Used
Per-Unit Volume (in cubic feet) per-unit-volume The volume in cubic feet of each inventory unit assessed the Long-Term Storage Fee . 1.5
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