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Amazon Device Accessories

All listings for Amazon Device Accessories products must comply with the Amazon Device Accessories Fair Use and Compatibility Guidelines. Specifically, sellers should keep the following in mind:

  • Your product name (the name indicated on your product or its packaging) must not include the words "Amazon," "Kindle," "Fire," "Kindle Paperwhite," "Kindle Voyage," "Amazon Fire TV," "Fire TV Stick," "Amazon Echo," "Amazon Alexa," or any Amazon graphic symbol, logo, icon, or other trademark.
  • On the detail page for your product on the Amazon website, you may only use "Amazon," "Kindle," "Fire," "Kindle Paperwhite," "Kindle Voyage," "Amazon Fire TV," "Fire TV Stick," or "Amazon Echo" in a referential manner to indicate that your product is intended for use with or compatible with an Amazon device. For example, acceptable product titles could be "Red Cover for use with Kindle," "Red Cover for Kindle," or "Red Cover that is compatible with Kindle."
  • Products may not use the phrases "Works with Alexa," "Works with Amazon Alexa," or "WWAA" on product detail pages unless they have been certified through the Works with Amazon Alexa program.
  • Accessory products with "Amazon," "Kindle," "Fire," "Fire phone," "Kindle Paperwhite," "Kindle Voyage," "Amazon Fire TV," "Fire TV Stick," or "Amazon Echo" in the product title or product description, or that are listed for use with or compatible with an Amazon device, should be categorized as Amazon Device Accessories. For more information, see Overview of Categories and Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.
  • You may not use the Amazon logo or any other Amazon graphic symbol, logo, icon, or other trademark on or in connection with websites, products, packaging, manuals, or promotional or advertising materials, or for any other purpose, in each case except pursuant to an express written license from Amazon.

You are responsible for ensuring that your listings comply with all applicable laws and regulations. As used here, the term "listing" refers to active ASINs as well as to offerings matched to product detail pages on the Amazon website.

Consequences for Policy violations

Violations of Amazon's policies for listing Amazon Device Accessories may result in, but may not be limited to, the following actions:

  • Cancellation of the listing
  • Limits on listing privileges
  • Suspension of listing privileges
  • Cancellation of listing privileges

These potential consequences are in addition to, and in no way limited to, the consequences allowed by any agreement between Amazon and the seller. Amazon reserves the right to make judgments in its sole discretion about whether or not a listing is appropriate.

Reporting a Policy violation

Amazon encourages sellers to report listings that may violate our policies or any applicable law by contacting Seller Support. Select Report a violation and be sure to include all relevant information so that we can conduct a thorough investigation.

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