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List products for Fulfillment by Amazon

After you create a new listing for a product, you specify it as FBA inventory by changing the Fulfilled by value from Merchant to Amazon.

When you close or delete an FBA listing, any inventory you have in Amazon fulfillment centers will not be returned or disposed of until you submit a removal order. For more information about closing or deleting listings, please see "Close a listing" and "Delete a listing" later in this topic. For more information about removal orders, see Remove inventory (overview).

Tip: You can view your FBA inventory listings on the Manage Inventory page by clicking Amazon in the Fulfilled by section of the Filters bar.

You can add products to your inventory individually or upload a list of products to create multiple listings at once. For more information, see:

Change a listing to Fulfilled by Amazon

To change a listing to Fulfilled by Amazon:

  1. On the Manage Inventory page, select the items that you want to change to FBA.
  2. On the Action on Selected drop-down list, click Change to Fulfilled by Amazon.
    Tip: To change an FBA listing to a self-fulfilled listing, select Change to Fulfilled by Merchant.
  3. On the Convert to Fulfilled by Amazon page, click Convert to go to the Amazon-Fulfilled Inventory page, or click Convert & Send Inventory to begin creating a shipping plan. For more information, see For more information, see Create an FBA Shipping Plan.
Important: If you want to fill orders for these items yourself as well as offer these items as Fulfilled by Amazon, you must create two listings, one for each fulfillment type.

List products for multi-channel fulfillment exclusively (may not be available in your region)

You can list your Multi-channel Fulfillment inventory without those products appearing for sale on Amazon by entering a Start selling date that is far in the future when you create your product listing.

Important: If you have an Individual selling account, you must list your products for sale on Amazon in addition to filling orders from other channels. If you want to use Multi-channel Fulfillment exclusively, and not list your products for sale on Amazon, you must sign up for a Pro Merchant account.

For more information about using Multi-Channel Fulfillment, see Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

Close a listing

When you close a listing, the status changes from Active to Inactive, and makes your product unavailable for sale on Amazon. Your inventory of that product will remain in Amazon fulfillment centers. You can relist your products, submit removal orders, or fill orders through other channels with Multi-channel Fulfillment.

  1. On the Manage Inventory page, select the listings that you want to close.
  2. On the Action on Selected drop-down list, click Close listing.

Delete a listing

When you delete a listing, any offers that are fulfilled by Amazon remain in your inventory list, but are not available for purchase on Amazon or for filling Multi-channel Fulfillment orders. Inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers will remain there until you submit a removal order. For more information, see Remove inventory (overview).

  1. On the Manage Inventory page, select the listings that you want to close.
  2. On the Action on Selected drop-down list, click Delete products and listings.

Amazon can provide for the storing and shipment of either new or used items. You can sell on the Amazon site using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services for some items and personally handling orders for others. You can decide anytime whether you or Amazon will take responsibility for a given product’s fulfillment.

Although Amazon can handle the fulfillment and shipping of any product that is smaller than a pallet, we suggest you use FBA for combining multiple products in a single package. The articles could be anything from the size of a music CD to that of a small stereo.

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