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This article applies to selling in: Saudi Arabia

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Here are areas in which you can focus on:

Pricing and shipping:

Are your offers priced competitively against comparable products? Can you offer shipping incentives? Research the competition as you develop a compelling price point. Include shipping costs in your research. Buyers often see shipping costs as a primary influence when deciding to make an online purchase. Review the Manage Inventory page to see what the lowest price and the Buy Box prices are for each product you offer.

Prime Fulfillment:

When you enable Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for your products, you can leverage Amazon's fulfillment networks and expertise to make your offers eligible for Prime and free shipping. You send your products to Amazon fulfillment centers, and we pack and ship the products to buyers and provide customer service.

Targeted advertising (coming soon for KSA):

Sponsored Products is an advertising service that helps you promote the products you list on Amazon. You choose which products you want to advertise, assign keywords to those products, and enter a cost-per-click bid. When an Amazon shopper searches for one of your keywords, your ad is eligible for display alongside the search results. You pay a fee for this service only when an Amazon shopper clicks your ad, at which point the shopper is taken to the detail page where your offer is listed.

Great product details and descriptions:

As you describe your product, include key features with benefits listed in your bullet points. A well-written product description helps the buyer imagine the experience of owning or handling your product. Incorporating information about the feel, usage, and various benefits of your product can inspire buyers.

Clear, high-quality images:

High resolution images with clear details stimulate a buyers' imagination and inspire them to buy your product. In addition, provide as many different images as possible. Many product categories allow for the inclusion of swatch and alternate images.

Effective placement:

Do your items show up in the appropriate areas of the store based on the information you provided? Some buyers know exactly what they are searching for, but others will browse by category, so make sure your product is classified in the right category for easier discovery through browsing. Explore the breadth and depth of selection in each category and consider where your items would fit in the category structure.

Customer service:

Follow up each order with great customer service-an excellent buying experience. This can lead to great feedback ratings for you as a seller and instill confidence in buyers when they find your products.

Listing internationally:

Listing on Amazon marketplaces around the world can provide you instant access to millions of buyers worldwide. Whether you are new to selling internationally or an experienced international seller, Amazon Global Selling can help you grow your business. We have online marketplaces around the world - United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, Australia, Turkey, UAE, and India - and the services and tools to help you be successful in the global marketplace.

Exporting inventory for international buyers (coming soon for KSA):

Opt into FBA Export, and Amazon automatically enables eligible products on Amazon for export. FBA Export is a service available through FBA that can help you grow your international business with little more than the click of a button. When out-of-country buyers place orders, Amazon picks, packs, and ships the product from your inventory. FBA Export eliminates many of the traditional barriers to shipping products internationally.

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