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Shipping products to Amazon

Note: A fee for unplanned prep services will be charged for units requiring labels that are received with the barcode label missing.

You can manage your FBA products online using tools that allow near real-time management of your inventory.

Identify the listings (SKUs) you would like Amazon to fulfill for you. On the Manage Inventory page, you can find listings that you fulfill in the All Inventory view. You can find listings that Amazon fulfills in both the All Inventory view and the Inventory Amazon Fulfills view.

You can create a shipment from either of these screens using the instructions below.

Inventory that is sent to a fulfillment center is generally scanned and made available for sale within three business days of delivery.

You can send your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers by creating a shipping plan, packing your products and sending your inventory to the fulfillment centers that Amazon designates, using the carrier of your choice.

Visit Shipping and routing requirements to learn how to help ensure safe and on-time delivery to our fulfillment centers.

Note: We have not yet launched all FBA features in the Netherlands. For creating Shipments, please switch to the Seller Central DE view through the country dropdown. If you already manage FBA Shipments for other marketplaces, you can also create Shipments for the Netherlands through the marketplace you normally use.

Options for creating a shipment include the following:

Send Inventory to Amazon The shipment creation workflow is ideal for small orders where you can select products you sell on Amazon and convert them to be fulfilled by Amazon, or you select products that you want to replenish.
Shipping Plan File Upload Tool For medium to large shipments. You upload a .csv file of your inventory created from a template we provide. The shipment is created automatically for you.
Scan & Ship (may not be available in your area) For medium to large shipments. This method enables you to scan each Unit with a USB barcode scanner and print labels one at a time as you pack each box. Provides a more accurate way of labeling your inventory.
Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) For medium to large shipments. You can integrate your own inventory systems using Amazon APIs.

Inventory that is sent to an Amazon fulfillment center is generally scanned and made available for sale as soon as possible.

For more information about the FBA shipment policy and the possible actions we may take if your shipments are not compliant with that policy, see Deleted, misrouted and incomplete shipments.

Inventory placement

This service, if available in the country specified by FBA, assigns each shipment you create to a specific fulfillment center, based on several factors, including the size and category of the product, your address, and other fulfillment network factors. We may split your inventory into multiple shipments going to different fulfillment centers based on a number of criteria.

Problems with shipments to Amazon

Problems with shipments to Amazon fulfillment centers may result in a quality review and subsequent suspension of shipment creation and modification privileges. In most cases, privileges may be reinstated after you review any example we provide and acknowledge our requirements. In addition, repeated failure to meet our requirements may result in removal of privileges.

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